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  Created by Author, Chantilly Smith, Chantilly Creative Publishing focuses on family media and children's education. Chantilly Creative Publishing has created this website, Great Kid's Reads with you and your children in mind. Here you can find tons of amazing books for you and your children to spend hours of quality time together. Take a look around and find something you love.

    There is a special place in our creator's heart for children with special needs. Having raised children with special needs, Chantilly strives to promote content geared towards all children, but these families in particular.

  Chantilly Smith, while writing, promoting and advertising her own children's books found the need for authors helping authors type of promotion and continues to, to this day. If you are interested in having your book promoted, FREE, please click the link here , and follow the onscreen instructions.

  If you are looking for fantastic children's books, ranging from educational workbooks and coloring books to fantasy fiction and non fiction books, look no further. 

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One Great Kid's Read

Delilah's Song

A Closer Look: Chantilly Smith

In her book, Delilah's Song, she gets into detail about what ADHD feels like for a little girl, using a reference that children can understand... song. Chantilly's own daughter, Delilah, was the inspiration and model for the story. By the way, the real Delilah loves her book and is so excited to share it with other children. It's a fantastic story to open up dialogue about many emotions and feelings in disabled and non-disabled children

    While reading books and trying to entertain her own children, she noticed that there is a large amount of children's content  sending the wrong messages.  She began creating stories for her own children to fill the void and recently has decided to bring those stories to you and your little ones.

    Chantilly is a mother and grandmother. She has seven children ages five through twenty one years old. She is also an advocate for children with special needs, as some of her own children fall under this category. Her youngest daughter has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder combined with a learning disability and has been the source of much of Chantilly's inspiration in writing. One of her sons was diagnosed with Autism and also inspires her everyday. She has been fighting for equality in education for all children since 2003.

    Ms. Smith served as a Family Advocate, where she partnered with families to establish mutual trust, assisted in Kindergarten enrollment and readiness, and in preparing children for a lifetime of learning. Chantilly also spent many years serving in the Army, which contributed to her love of fundamental freedoms, community and country. Ms. Smith held membership in the National Association for the Education of Young Children, has been certified in many areas to add to her knowledge of Cultural Diversity, Frameworks of Poverty, Early Childhood, Beyond Behavior, and Communication Knowledge Areas K-5.

    When Chantilly Smith is not tied up answering life's most challenging questions for her three adult children, she's kissing boo boos and fostering creative minds for her four younger children. When that small fraction of her day (clearly sarcasm) is over, she is writing and creating children's books.

Check out one of her books and give her a follow on Facebook's fan page @ChantillysBooks

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